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Work in Progress

This website was created one week ago on January 17th, 2014. Since then the traffic has taken off and I expect that to grow substantially in the coming weeks. I will do my best to add information as fast as it comes in and am also using resources like the Brewers Association, website and other sites like  that keep regional lists of breweries in planning.

While I build out the site please feel free to give me a like in Facebook, follow me on Twitter, share the site with others and send me information that may be helpful. This could be breweries that you know are in planning, other local or regional sites that track breweries in planning or just interesting craft beer info.

1,744 Breweries in planning

beer-ideago-300x140[1]In 2011 I started a blog to track the beer I drank. Two and half years later this blog gets thousands of hits and one of the most popular posts has been the “Coming Soon” post which included info on breweries in planning for Maine and New Hampshire. Due to the success of this post and my ever expanding appetite for craft beer I decided to start this site to keep track of breweries in planning across the country.

This will be a challenge as the Brewers’ Association estimates there are 1,744 breweries in planning at the end of December 2013. I don’t think I will ever have them all but with your help I hope to get close.

Please share this post with friends, fill out my form with brewery information, like my Facebook page and spread the word as this site should be a big help to craft beer drinkers all over the country.