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I have been drinking craft beer since 1993, Geary’s Hampshire Special Ale was my favorite back then while my college buddies were drinking the cheapest of cheap beer. This continued after college but like many craft beer enthusiasts I really started to experiment in the past few years. I run two other blog sites – the Insurance Guy Beer Blog for craft beer reviews and news and New England Beer Insurance a  blog focused on the insurance needs of the craft beer industry. My post of breweries coming soon to Maine and New Hampshire  has consistently been one of the top pages on my blog so I decided to expand this concept to the entire country.

According to the Brewers Association there are over 1,700 breweries in planning so it will take some time to build out this site but I hope to capture most of the breweries in planning and help them spread the word through their social media sites. This is a huge project and it will only succeed with your help. Please report any breweries in planning that you are aware of and share the site, Facebook page and Twitter account with your beer drinking friends and family. The site will be continuously updated with information gathered from a variety of websites and sources but it will be the collective effort of the craft beer community that will make sure the information is accurate and as comprehensive as possible.

Cheers to more great breweries in 2014.

James Sanborn

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